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Celebrations of Urbanity

THE URBAN REINVENTORS - Issue 2 December 07


Celebrations of Urbanity - Alessandro Busà - UR Chief Editor

Paper Series

The urbanity Myth - Thomas Wüst, Dortmund University

The antisocial Urbanism of Le Corbusier - Simon Richards, Leicester University

Compact City Policy: how Europe rediscovered its History and met Resistance - Jan Scheurer, RMIT University

The suburban Assault on Democracy - Michael J. Thompson, William Paterson University

In Depth

Excerpts from "New Urbanism, new Globalism: Gentrification as global urban Strategy" - Neil Smith, CUNY Graduate Center New York

Modes and Manifestations of Improvisation in urban Planning, Design, Theory - Dean C. Rowan

Tourism, and the Commodification of urban Culture - Susan Fainstein, University of Harvard

More Resources/Reportages

After the Aftermath - Philip Nobel

After Kathrina, a lonely Homecoming - Peter Whoriskey

Urban Stories

Forgotten city (pdf) - Shawn Willick

Up! Short Story (pdf) - Ricardo Cortez Cruz

The New York City Blackout (pdf) - Jessica Phippen

Image Gallery

New Urbanism urban Infill Developement - an Antology of Images

The e-Urbanity of e-Boy - e-BOY

Urban Artworks - Timotheus Paulus Roeloffs

OLSZTYN Identity Cycle - Marcelina CH. Kuberska

Havana, Cuba - Atsushi Tsunoda

Asian Metropolises - Staffan Holgersson

Video Gallery

Emotion Pictures - Trailer from "Sprawling from Grace, Driven to Madness"

Gregory Green - The End of Suburbia: Oil Depletion and the Collapse of the American Dream

Tomas Knowler - Ulka!/Street!

UAPD - Rem Koohlaas - Tracing Urbanity

UAPD - NYC Action - Taped

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