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“This is the most interesting and relevant e-journal out there right now, I used to think Bob Caterall's 'Cities' was good but 'The Urban Reinventors' is more relevant to a wider array of people.”
(Loretta Lees, Professor, University College, London)

“The Urban Reinventors” features among the most relevant authors on the planet (from revanchist city theorist Neil Smith to Harvard University Professor Susan Fainstein), whose contributions seem to have been grounded on the desire to speak to the people, rather than to a strictly academic audience […]
(“Il Giornale dell’Architettura” N.61 April 2008, Rome)

"We just came across this very cool website, Urban Reinventors. Great look and feel plus lots of great articles on the ideas of urbanism...both positive and negative. There are beautiful images, innovative ideas, and lots of other materials on the topic, both artistic and academic. The site was recently reworked and the second issue of their online magazine adds a lot more to the mix as well."
(Sustainable Style Foundation, Seattle)

“I felt the Journal was full of life. You've filled it to the brim with information and activity. You're calling out to others in the field and not, “The Urban Reinventors” has an open feel to it. It gives the feeling that it's evolving. It's important to invest ourselves and expand on what we believe in and are passionate about. Conversations take place, problems are discussed, solutions are bantered about. In short, keep revealing your love for your work through this Journal."
(Patricia McHugh, Public Librarian, New York)

“Urban Reinventors offers an exciting world view, with stunning photos and videos as well as in depth articles and cutting edge stories. You get education and entertainment all in one!”
(Edgar Swamp, musician and novelist, Encinitas, California)

”The Urban Reinventors magazine offers solid content and is worthwhile to read. Keep up the good work.”
Martin Stankewitz (artist and printmaker, Germany)

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