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eBoy is a Berlin-based team of four designers (Kai Vermehr, Peter Stemmler, Steffen Sauerteig and Sven Smital) that creates pixel art since 1998. Their creations are mostly pixellated futuristic cityscape, “populated by workers on horseback, sunbathers, a puffy cloud-monster drifting overhead, and lots of buildings that look as though they were made with Legos.” Their work makes intense use of popular culture and commercial icons, their unique style (three-dimensional isometric illustrations) has made their illustrations a cult among graphic designers worldwide. eBoy portrays impressive, chaotic, wild urban scenarios, dominated by the logos of all major corporate brands. A new city is born - as the playground for the new global players.

eboy-Attend a Grid.gifeboy-Berlin Skyline.gifeboy-Berlin.gifeboy-Boston.gifeboy-Communication City.gifeboy-Corporations.gifeboy-Koeln.gifeboy-London.gifeboy-Make Poster.gifeboy-Miami.gifeboy-New York City.gifeboy-Samoa Poster.gifeboy-Singapore.gifeboy-Venice.gifeboy-Wallpaper New York.gif
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