Night and Decay
The Photography of Lynn Smith

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Lynn Smith is a documentary photographer based in Sydney, Australia. He uses a medium format film camera with fixed focal length lenses, and processes the images himself. His night images of decay are inspired by the works of Rut Blees Luxemburg and William Eggleston.

He participated in a joint show at Gallery Exposure (Sydney) in 2005. He first solo show (Bondi Pavilion, Sydney 2006) was a series of ironic black and white images shot on the street with the theme "Blues for the Eyes". He recently joined a group show titled "Out of the Darkness" at the Meyer Gallery, Darlinghurst, Sydney in April 2009.

He also created a show and a 90-page book on derelict buildings shot at night entitled 'Abandon" as the major project for a Master of Documentary Photography degree (by coursework) at the University of Sydney's College of the Arts (SCA), which will take place in December 2009.

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smith-Zorro. 10.15pm.gifsmith-abandoned in Alexandria 3.gifsmith-abandoned shop - street entrance.gifsmith-blue man 2.gifsmith-boiler room 2 small.gifsmith-broken barn.gifsmith-going upstairs big.gifsmith-going upstairs.gifsmith-hey! number 1 small.gifsmith-poor mans ballroom 2.gifsmith-poor mans ballroom 3.gifsmith-poor mans ballroom 5.gifsmith-slash of light 2.gifsmith-the right light can make me love anything big.gif
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