“The Right to The City: The Entitled and the Excluded”

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“The Right to The City: The Entitled and the Excluded” is the first experimental collective gallery on “The Urban Reinventors”. The gallery features works of professional and amateur photographers, artists and reporters from different backgrounds and walks of life, all of whom have used photography as a medium to portray through images - in different ways and through different perspectives - the conditions of contemporary urban living.

The contributors have been exploring different facets of the contemporary urban condition - describing, through their visual fragments, broader issues of great relevance in urban research, such as the increasing social polarization and spatial segregation within cities and regions, the rise of enclaves for the wealthy and ghettos for the poor, the gentrification and the upgrading of formerly low-income areas in booming downtowns, the increasing disenfranchisement of the poor and the marginal.

The gallery has been built in over a year lapse by means of a flickr.com public group which (as of November 2009) has collected about 4 hundreds contributions from dozens of members, and which is constantly being updated and looking for new contributions. From the European downtowns to the Southamerican slums, from the gated communities in Florida to the squatters settlements in Berlin, the group has collected a high-quality selection of images describing the places of entitlement and exclusion, and the people who have benefited, and those who have been excluded, from the "Right To The City".

The group can be found online at: http://www.flickr.com/groups/no_right_to_the_city/

maillard-Alisa Resnik - Wagenburg Berlin.gifmaillard-Ana Bozovic - Gated Community Entrance.gifmaillard-Ana Bozovic - Gated Community.gifmaillard-Ana Crisan - Home is where the Heart is.gifmaillard-Ben Johnson - Let s gentrify like it s going out of style.gifmaillard-Bros - hermanos - portrait - Villa 13 de julio - Slum - Buenos Aires - Argentina.gifmaillard-Darrell Berry - Freedom through Shopping.gifmaillard-Francesco Pistilli - Family Portrait , Slum Villa 13 de julio, Buenos Aires.gifmaillard-Francesco Pistilli - Hermanos, Slum Villa 13 de julio, Buenos Aires.gifmaillard-Francesco Pistilli - Little family portrait after the earthquake, L Aquila.gifmaillard-Ground Control UK III - Landscape from the  Barbican Complex in London.gifmaillard-Jay Black - Must Have.gifmaillard-Jay Black - Scratch and Lose.gifmaillard-John Sisson - Danger gentrification Zone.gifmaillard-Ken Aidekman - Florida inside the gates.gifmaillard-Ken Stein - New York City s Demise.gifmaillard-Ken Stein - They Used To Make Stuff Here.gifmaillard-Ken Stein - a preview.gifmaillard-Ken Stein - it will be ugly.gifmaillard-Krystina Stimakovits - ground control UK III.gifmaillard-Lorenzo - The Luxury of Living.gifmaillard-Rob Derose - Luxury Tax.gifmaillard-The Urban Reinventors - Save Coney Island Flyer.gifmaillard-Vincenzo Cosenza - homeless in milano.gifmaillard-Xiao Zhi - Gated Community.gifmaillard-Zach Korb - Luxury Townhomes.gif
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